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Analyze your Runkeeper Fitness Data

Import, clean, and analyze seven years of training data tracked in the runkeeper app using pandas

ASL Recognition with deep learning

Build a convolutional neural network to classify images of letters from American Sign Language

Blood Donation Prediction

Build a binary classifier to predict if a blood donor is likely to donate again

Reducing Traffic Mortality in the USA

How can we find a good strategy for reducing traffic-related deaths

Do Left-handed People Really Die Young?

Using pandas and Bayesian Statistics to see if left-handed people actually die earlier than righties

Handwritten Kannada Alphabets Image Dataset

This page has detail explanation of building a handwritten Kannada alphabets image dataset.

Predicting Credit Card Approvals

Build a machine learning model to predict if a credit card application will get approved.

Real Time Face Mask Detection System

This project combines the face identification and mask detection techniques

Face With/Without Mask classification using MobileNetV2

Developed a face mask detector using Transfer learning approach for embedded devices

Name Game - Gender Prediction using Sound

Analyze the gender distribution of children’s book writers and use sound to match names to gender.

Naive Bees - Deep Learning with Images

Building a deep learning model (CNN) that can automatically detect honey bees and bumble bees in image

Naive Bees - Predict Species from Images

Build a model that can automatically detect honey bees and bumble bees in images using PCA and SVM

Naive Bees - Image Loading and Processing

A Datacamp project - Load, transform, and understand images of honey bees and bumble bees in Python

Mobile Document Scanner

A simple document scanner implemented using OpenCV and python

Markov Chains and English Text Synthesis

Replicating work of Claude Shannon which seeks to compute the information content of English language and predicting the alphabets given previous characters

EigenDigits - Eigenspace classification of Hand-Written Digits

We classify the MNIST dataset i.e., digits from 0-9 using PCA for Dimensionality reduction and kNN as classifier and also we show the relationship between number of training images and classification accuracy.

Double Handed Indian Sign Language

Implementation and building a Double Handed Indian Sign Language database

Optimal Utilization of available Solar Energy

This page contains the report related to the proejct which won Anveshana competition 2014

Portable Refrigerator

Abstract Refrigeration is very important especially during summer seasons to cool water and to keep vegetables fresh. This project focusses on making a refrigerator which is not only cost effective but also portable.