Awards and Recognitions

2021 Outstanding Master's Thesis Award (Nominated)

Awarded to one student from STEM category who completed their master’s thesis during the period of Fall 2018 and Summer 2020. The thesis should represent original work making an unusually significant contribution to the discipline.

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Received by graduate student who demonstrate excellent teaching skills and utilized classroom management and discipline strategies.

Joanna R. Baker Memorial Fellowship

One of the prestigious award of UNC Charlotte and received by only one student across the university working towards interdisciplinary research and application of information technology in the public sector.

Project Belaku

It all started with an idea which came to us when we were working for a Project Competition called “Anveshana”. We wanted to do something which will help people with our engineering skills.


Anveshana is a Science & Engineering competition which will culminate in a Fair where the students will exhibit their projects/models. This Competition will primarily involve undergraduate Engineering students and underprivileged school going students where the students together will follow philosophies and practices of hands-on learning, research orientation, to make models based on Engineering-Science concepts. The Engineering Students will mentor school students in the creation of models while inducing knowledge and confidence in them.