Artificial Intelligence

ASL Recognition with deep learning

Build a convolutional neural network to classify images of letters from American Sign Language

Blood Donation Prediction

Build a binary classifier to predict if a blood donor is likely to donate again

Do Left-handed People Really Die Young?

Using pandas and Bayesian Statistics to see if left-handed people actually die earlier than righties

Handwritten Kannada Alphabets Image Dataset

This page has detail explanation of building a handwritten Kannada alphabets image dataset.

Predicting Credit Card Approvals

Build a machine learning model to predict if a credit card application will get approved.

Real Time Face Mask Detection System

This project combines the face identification and mask detection techniques

Face With/Without Mask classification using MobileNetV2

Developed a face mask detector using Transfer learning approach for embedded devices

Naive Bees - Deep Learning with Images

Building a deep learning model (CNN) that can automatically detect honey bees and bumble bees in image

Naive Bees - Predict Species from Images

Build a model that can automatically detect honey bees and bumble bees in images using PCA and SVM

Brain Computer Interface to Assistive Robots

Able-bodied humans express and communicate their needs and ideas with each other through the exchange of verbal and non-verbal information. However, those with neuromuscular disorders, either inherited or acquired by other factors, have high needs …