Wireless Biometric Student Attendance System


Automated attendance system is a very modern technique, which is the best replacement to bulky, time consuming manually fed attendance system. It is considered to be the most efficient and trustworthy invention and has a noteworthy impact on both big and small institutes as well as industries. This project aims to build a wireless smart attendance system, which works on WIFI (802.11b) technology. In this system the stored data of attendance in each period after all the students recorded their fingerprint; it transmits to the web page of students list. A comparison between stored attendance with the students list is done and the students recorded their fingerprint will be automatically marked present in the web page and rest all will be marked absent by default and it save the attendance in the web page for further use. This system will enable the facilitator to take hassle free, accurate, fast attendance. It will create punctuality among the students as within the stipulated time it will transmit the data to the web page.

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Sunny Arokia Swamy Bellary
Sunny Arokia Swamy Bellary
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