Program on Technology Innovation: EPRI Highlights from the 2023 CES Convention


A group of excited and technology-craving EPRI engineers attended the CES 2023 conference in Las Vegas on January 5–7, 2023. This year, about 115,000 people from all over the world attended the conference. On the exhibit floor of 2.2 million square feet (200,000 m2), more than 3,500 official exhibitors, together with hundreds of additional partners, showcased their products, which ranged from health care to autonomous driving to augmented reality to robotics to green energy to kitchen appliances. This report is a snapshot of some of the innovative technologies that EPRI found very interesting for the power industry.

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Sunny Arokia Swamy Bellary
Sunny Arokia Swamy Bellary
Research Engineer - Robotics

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